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Before getting started, make sure you are familiar with Echofin custom widgets:


  1. Widgets in Echofin are enabled in iframe elements. You will need the widget URL.
  2. Widget URLS need to be in HTTPS with a valid and trusted SSL Certificate.
  3. Make sure you are the owner of the widget or request usage permissions from the owner in order to use any third-party widgets.
  4. Only a team administrator can install, enable or disable widgets.
  5. There are 2 different types of widgets: floating widgets and sidebar widgets.
    • Floating widgets are accessible from the top bar with their own title and icon. These widgets open up in a popup window that can be resized. These are currently available only on the web & desktop version.
    • Sidebar widgets are accessible from the right sidebar (under the widgets section) and have a fixed width of 500pixels. These are available on the web, desktop & mobile app version.