Echofin Picks Up 2017 “Rising Star” and “Great User Experience” Awards from FinancesOnline

Having been involved in the business of financial trading for some time, we were fairly certain upon the launch of Echofin, our fully integrated, trading-focused communications platform, that we were catering to some very real needs and offering solutions to often frustrating problems through it. We have since been proven right by raving reviews on the part of our users, and by the pocketing of two prestigious awards from one of the top business review directories, FinancesOnline. While seeing the actual need for something like Echofin was fairly simple for someone actively involved in online trading at the highest level, the actual execution of the resulting vision was the make-or-break point of our project. Fortunately, as FinancesOnline’s Rising Star 2017 and Great User Experience 2017 awards for their communications software reviews prove it, we have managed to deliver in this regard as well.


The above said awards were meted out after a thorough review by FinancesOnline experts, a review which was predictably focused on the problems our instant messaging and chat suite effectively solved. The review eventually gave Echofin an 8.0 score out of 10, but perhaps much more importantly, it set the User Satisfaction rating of our product to 100%. To make matters even better, Echofin was listed among the leading communications tools featured on the platform.

Featuring superb cross-platform compatibility, Echofin may be viewed as a competitor to several vertical-specific communication suites, such as Slack and HipChat for developers and WhatsApp and Kik for teenagers, but the reality of the matter is somewhat different. As far as trading-specific, retail-trader-focused communication goes, our product is essentially without a proper competitor for the time being. FinancesOnline experts were also impressed by the large-scale third-party integration allowed by the Echofin platform, as well as by the monetization-related options, which is where the true power and potential of Echofin resides.

The news regarding the two awards filled us with pride and satisfaction, first and utmost because they vindicated our approach to Echofin, giving us motivation and drive to continue in the same vein. Above and beyond that, it is obviously always nice to earn the nod from one of the top authorities of the online financial industry, too.

As a beginner, at Echofin, you will find guidance and mentoring through the free public trading groups/teams we support. Educators and experts can share their screens, their trading charts and they can stream audio and video material to their followers. They can also monetize their Echofin presence, through an impressive range of solutions, such as the creation of embeddable billing buttons and fine-grained subscriber management.

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