Press Release: Echofin Nominated at Global FinTech Awards 2018

Echofin has been nominated for the Global Fintech Awards this year. It is listed in the Best Educational or Personal Finance Platform category.


Newark, Delaware, April 11, 2018.
Echofin, quite possibly the world’s top communication & collaboration ecosystem for traders, is yet again looking to compete for an award at the 2018 Global Fintech Awards hosted by Benzinga. The event kicks off on May 15, 2018, and it will span two full days, covering scores of demonstrations held by the participants, various discussions, panels, networking opportunities and of course: the Awards Ceremony.

The GFA presents a wonderful opportunity for the company to showcase the features and qualities of the Echofin platform. Through Echofin, traders can communicate and cooperate in a fully integrated and dedicated environment, in the vein of what major institutional investors use for their trading/communication needs.

Echofin delivers seamless and secure communication through chatrooms and direct messaging. It allows traders to share their screens, to host live webinars and to assign multi-level management roles within their own chatroom communities. The integrated billing feature makes it possible for those delivering real value, to monetize their Echofin-based efforts.

Over the last couple of years, Echofin has solidified its presence at the top of the Fintech pops, and this year, in addition to the actual live proceedings, it also takes part in a social media competition, used to determine the finalists. The social media votes (cast via the individual company pages hosted by Benzinga) count for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and they will also be considered during the judging process that sets the placement of individual companies in the 2018 GFA.

Echofin therefore courteously ask their friends and partners to show their support by casting a vote for them at