Press Release: Echofin to Attend TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2017

Echofin will be present at TechCrunch’s Disrupt Berlin 2017, on December 5, 2017, at Startup Alley.

Wilmington, Delaware, November 27, 2017.
Echofin, the world’s top trading-focused, dedicated communication platform, will be present where the “Startups Start”. The move is a logical one for one of fintech’s hottest startups, as its ambitious plans require an equally ambitious push to get the brand name out there, and to connect with potential users/investors.

Disrupt has provided a stage for the brightest minds of the tech scene for quite some time now, acting as the meeting grounds for investors, hackers, entrepreneurs and tech fans in general.

According to Echofin, the startup currently has a seed investment round open, so the timing of the Disrupt event couldn’t be better. As to whether a startup like Echofin belongs on the Disrupt scene: this is indeed a match made in heaven. Echofin is the first of its kind, giving traders a communication environment, which is much more than a chat room in the traditional sense. What Echofin offers is a nothing short of a virtual trading floor, where the avenues for interaction are numerous, and where users can benefit from these avenues/features in several ways, whether they are beginners or advanced traders. Echofin does indeed disrupt the conventional communication model in online trading.

Within Disrupt, Startup Alley is indeed the place to be for an operation like Echofin. At the heart of the conference floor, Startup Alley gives newly launched companies the chance to connect with attendees, investors and members of the press, on a personal level. Echofin will exhibit there on December 5.

Startup Alley will once again see a Wild Card Winner emerge at the end of the event, a winner which -chosen based on editorial and audience voting – will then go on to participate in the Startup Battlefield competition.

About Echofin.

Echofin is a trading-focused online communication environment, which lets its users communicate quickly and securely, stream low-latency audio/video, use a wide selection of financial widgets and plugins, and seamlessly integrate third-party applications. Expert Echofin users can also monetize the services they provide to the community, in a surprisingly simple and fuss-free way.