What is the difference between a public, a premium and a private chatroom?

Public chatrooms are free to create and free to join. Anyone with the team’s link can join and all content is available for everyone. Public rooms are ideal for trading teams  who want to exchange ideas ,trade inspiration or in general any other chit chat.

Private chatrooms are invite-only rooms within teams. The team owner can invite or add users to these rooms and only people with access to private chatrooms can interact with each other. The register and login URLs are not publicly available, making the team closed to specific members. These rooms are ideal for trading institutions or brokerage firms, which want to have absolute control of their communications and control over memberships.

Premium chatrooms are closed rooms where usually premium content is available within these rooms. For example, advanced users may want to interact in a premium room, leaving all noise from generic discussions away from their chat timeline.

Premium rooms are connected with billing plans, meaning users will have to pay in order to get access to these rooms. Payment plans are defined by the team owner and can differ in price, billing period, etc. Any team can feature both public and premium rooms.